The Pneucleus Advantage

The Pneucleus Advantage - Our InSitu-Sense SensorThe InSitu-Sense™ Sensor

Pneucleus Technologies mass flow controllers and mass flow meters measure mass flow directly through the use of its InSitu-Sense™ sensor technology. The InSitu-Sense™ sensor measures true mass flow by using proven techniques involving thermal transfer as it relates to the specific heat characteristics of the gas being used. The “Advantage” is that the sensor is directly in contact with the flow stream which eliminates common-mode errors and provides superior repeatability, response-time and thermal stability.

The Tri-Planar™ Proportional Valve

Pneucleus Technologies’ MFC’s precisely control mass flow using its Tri-Planar™ proportional valve technology. The Advantage is that the Tri-Planar™ proportional valve incorporates a patented plunger design that compensates for parasitic thermal drift that may not be picked up by a PID loop. This valve has six possible orifice configurations and four power configurations allowing Pneucleus MFC’s to achieve outstanding flow stability and resolution while consuming minimal power and requiring minimal differential pressure.

Low Cost or No Cost Customization

Pneucleus Technologies realizes that providing our OEM customers with the perfect gas measurement and control solution helps them keep the edge on their competition. Our engineers work directly with OEM engineers to design the perfect solution; whether it be as simple as extending thermal performance or more complex like achieving accuracies of 0.5% of reading. The Advantage is that we encourage our customers to request features and performance enchancements beyond the standard offering.