Custom Controllers

What Is A Custom Controller?

Custom Controllers from Pneucleus TechnologiesPneucleus separates customs into two categories, Modifications and New Products. Simply put, “Modifications” are adding new features to a standard product at the request of a customer. They can be simple, like providing a control signal range of 2-8V, or they can be a little more complex, like designing an MFC that is RF immune. The former could be done within standard lead times but the latter may require a few additional weeks for development and testing. “New Products” on the other hand would be like putting an electronic pressure controller and a mass flow controller into the same package with separate control circuits and separate ports. That would be a design we haven’t already produced but interests us non-the-less. Pneucleus encourages all of our customers to submit their custom designs needs for a Benefit & Feasibility analysis. This analysis is free and may lead to an excellent, low cost solution.

Why We Customize

Many suppliers discourage customization by making it cost prohibitive. However, Pneucleus realizes that providing our OEM customers with the perfect solution helps them keep their edge on the competition. This kind of customer support combined with our excellent products allows us to become a valuable extension of our customers’ engineering department and an indespensible member of their team. We hope you give Pneucleus Technologies a chance to become a valuable member of your team. We will help you develop a perfect solution for your application and at the lowest cost possible.

When Do We Customize

3 Channel ControllerMost “modifications” to existing products are approved in a few days depending on its complexity. More complex designs are submitted for a Benefit & Feasibility analysis. This analysis can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks and will determine the attractiveness this new feature will have in the market and the ease with which a working prototype can be fabricated. The more attractive the feature is to the market the less it will cost you to have us design it. We will also absorb a proportional part of the development costs if your yearly usage is significant. The Benefit & Feasibility analysis is free and an excellent way to have your application reviewed by the experts in low cost, high performance vacuum, pressure, and mass flow controller solutions.