Founded by engineers in 1999, Pneucleus Technologies LLC specializes in serving engineers and are committed to delivering the highest value products in the industry. We all agree that “Value” is measured in performance, price, features, availability, customer service, flexibility, configurablility and more. Pneucleus encourages our customers to define what “Value” means to them and allow us to deliver it as defined.

Pneucleus TechnologiesPneucleus incorporates two core technologies into every Mass Flow Controller, the InSitu-Sense™ mass flow sensor, and the Tri-Planar™ proportional valve. These two technologies have been serving the analytical instrumentation market for more than 36 years. Pneucleus has combined these technologies to create a line of low-cost mass flow controllers specifically designed for applications in Analytical Instrumentation, Vacuum Coating, and other applications that require precise & reliable gas flow. The key to our Low Cost product offerings is that they are designed to work exclusively with non-corrosive gases. This allows Pneucleus to eliminate the costly design features that are needed for handling the corrosive and otherwise dangerous gases found in semiconductor wafer processing. This significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing and insurance allowing us to pass the savings onto our customers.

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